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secret-busy days



It’s a topsy turvy, fast paced world out there and every day there is no shortage of things that need getting done. What you don’t need is any unsightly perspiration getting in your way. But, have no fear, the good people at Secret have saved the day with a pint sized roll-on ball that goes with any outfit. We put together this CG and live action, day in the life for our friends Wieden + Kennedy to celebrate this feat of science that makes the world a better smelling place.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy


Executive Creative Director
Ryan Honey
Executive Producer
Maurie Enochson
Creative Director
Jenny Ko
Head of CG
Doug Wilkinson
Nick Carmen
Sunny Sattari
Production Coordinator
Solana Braun
Line Producer
Maeliosa Tiernan
Director of Photography
Jonpaul Douglass
Production Designer
Freyja Bardell
VFX Supervisor
Marc Steinberg
Animation Director
Alex Ceglia

Dae-Han Yi
Jong Lee
Cecilia Chang Lee
Wing Sze Lee
Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Audrey Yeo
Dae-Han Yi
Carlos Enciso
Jigyu Yoon
Jerry Suh
Gunnar Pettersson
Jose Luis Vivas
CG Lead
Wing Sze Lee
CG Artists
Wing Sze Lee
Eugene Goryachev
Michele Herrera
Alex Dingfelder
Scott Nishiki
Peter Zhou
Kim Zhu
Orey Spear

Rigging Supervisor
Ernesto Ruiz Velasco
Rigging TD
Xiong Lin
Marc Steinberg
Wing Sze Lee
Scott Nishiki
Kim Zhu
Tyler Lancaster
Quentin Dubois
Jon Fitz
3D Animation
Tyler Lancaster
Quentin Dubois
Peter DeSalvo
Adam Floeck
Color Correction
Marc Steinberg
Billy Kostka