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Face Filters



It all started whenAR is all the rage these days! Ever since Instagram embraced it as part of their offerings we have been working with their team to concept and produce these flashy facial effects for the world to augment themselves with. So next time you puppify yourself, think of us. 

Music for edit by Malfred Sound.


Executive Creative Director
Ryan Honey
Managing Executive Producer
Maurie Enochson
Executive Producer
Emily Rickard
Cassandra Wilkinson
Jamey Kitchens
Creative Director
Kevin Walker
Head of CG & Creative Technology
Doug Wilkinson
Lead Creative Technologist
Michael Delaney
Creative Technologists
David Glicksman
Kirin Robinson
Moses Journey
Manny Berk
Adam Smith
Jim Pierce
Shin Kang
Jens Lindgren
Marc Steinberg

Art Directors
Chris Markland
Richard Gray
Jeni Wamberg
Brian Won
Janice Ahn
Sol Lee
Carlos Enciso
Cecilia Chang Lee
Lauren Gaballo
Mark Kulakoff
Chris Markland
Jeni Wamberg
Richard Gray
Jigyu Yoon
Sung Hyun Kim
Tuo Kan
Jerry Suh
Tony Legato
Maggie Chiang
Eddie Bong
Kyle Strope

CG Artists
Michele Herrera
Jens Lindgren
Scott Nishiki
Wing Sze Lee
Sana Srinivasan
Eugene Goryachev
David Glicksman
Kirin Robinson
Moses Journey
Adam Smith
Carlos Enciso
Sol Lee
Peter Kallstrom
Nick Petley
Esteban Esquivo
Rafael Araujo